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Swing Gates

The fully hidden operator!

up to 3,5 m per gate leaf

Frog represents the synthesis of Came's design philosophy and creativity applied to swing gates. An extremely sturdy and "practically invisible" product which in no way detracts from the aesthetics of your entrance way.

Maximum applicative flexibility

up to 5 m per gate leaf

The special aluminium structure makes Krono the optimal solution, due to its extra sturdiness and applicative flexibility. It comes in three versions, and is especially suited to residential applications. It is designed for swing gates of between 3 to 5 m in length per gate leaf.

A universal solution in three models

up to 4 m per gate leaf

The sturdy and powerful operator featuring an articulated arm for swing gates with gates leaves of up to 4 m in length. A system which enables gate automation when the dimensions of a pillar prevent any other operator from being installed. Ferni is also available in the 24V version for more intensive duty.

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