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Urbaco are manufacturers of Automatic Retractable Bollards, Removable Bollards, Fixed Bollards and Posts.

Since inventing the 'retractable bollard' Urbaco has developed many models of bollards to meet the technical and aesthetic standards and security needs of its clients. At the same time Urbaco has developed and installed numerous access control systems combining bollards, controllers, technical centers, electronic detectors, software and more.

Established in 1986, Urbaco today is the world leader on the retractable bollard access control market and amongst the top European companies for fixed bollard and street furniture sectors.

In 2004, Urbaco became part of the CAME Group, the world leader in automation, barriers and automatic doors. A partnership destined for great success, which allows for even greater offering of products and services to municipal, industrial, commercial and residential users. The company is continuously developing to meet numerous and prestigious orders worldwide. Besides global products, systems and solutions, Urbaco along with its partners and collaborators is committed to further developing its range of services (including research and development, after sales service and maintenance) and best honour the trust clients have placed in the company.




Automatic Retractable Bollards

Luxor, the newest addition to the Urbaco family is a technologically advanced product that will hold up to any challenge. It is a retractable, pneumatic bollard, developed to meet any and all requirements. Luxor is the ideal answer to the requirements of heavy duty private use and public applications: business centres, supermarket chains, car dealerships, and historical centres where aesthetics are as important as public safety.

The movement of the Luxor pneumatic bollard is signalled by a double device consisting of: light and sound, to prevent any inadvertent impacts by pedestrians and cyclists. The new illuminated ring is composed of 12 intensive bright LEDs that improve visibility of the bollard in any weather conditions, during the day or night. The acoustic signal guarantees the safety of any pedestrians walking too close to the manoeuvring area of the bollard.

Hydraulic Armoured

Technical Control Centers

The armoured cabinet integrates both the automation and hydraulic motorisation. Depending on components to build in, two cabinet sizes are available. A wide door with hinges opens onto all equipment. To access a push button to force bollard down, a smaller emergency trap door is available on option.

The cabinet consists of a tubular frame with 1.5 mm thick welded steel sheet. Its door and top are diamond-shaped. Permanent ventilation is ensured to renew air and cool the equipment. It is meant to be fixed on a concrete bed plate in 4 places.

URBACO automated systems (LOGO! and AT224) may be integrated and coupled to the hydraulic group.

This technical centre is generally used for high security installations where automation as well as motorisation should be protected in a solid and resistant environment

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